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Everything Must Change ...

As I heard the verdict read last night I stood in silence then the emotions waled up in me so intensely that my back tightened and my head began to ache. I was trying to focus on work and was someone in a daze and yes I knew what the answer would probably ... still there was hope that others could have and ear to hear, eyes to see and most of all a heart and mind to discern. Then the anger raised up as I continued to try to make sense of it all ... Then I remembered and I went on through the night with moments of fluctuating emotions and finally I had to stop and then I knew

Every thing must change ... Trusting in God

Everything happens for reason ... Will we ever learn ... that every life experience we experience is an opportunity for us to learn to grow ... What will you do?

As I hear and feel the tides caress the sands of the shore I am reminded of how Great God is …

There are the tides that are every so gentle, soothing, constant and never ending and in the blinking of an eye, in a flash of light everything changes. The tempest begins to rage the water churns the skies began to paint pictures of imminent change which has come upon us.

What shall we do, what can I do?

This is a time to remember to take a knee so to speak, to reassess, to regroup, to refocus and examine our trust to examine our faith … knowing that our Source is greater than any and everything that has been or will ever be.

A time to un-close our eyes and ask God for revelation, for direction on what, when, where and how to move.

Then the emotions that have ramped up so high, no longer have control but we are now back in control of who we are and all the power we posses … then we are able to use all we have been given properly to bring that which is needed into our existence here and Now..

Yes in the moment of change the human element is sure to scream, to shutter but as we go deeper we are able to know and taste the Spirit we truly are … yes Spirit Beings having an human experience.

Take control and set forth what shall be for as the Law states: we only attract that which we are so let us not forget and lose sight of this … what we give out or off we shall receive back …

Dare to go deeper and above all get the understanding as to why things are why this had to happen for if it didn’t would we every change, would we ever learn ….

Now is the appointed time to take action but allow the action to be guided by our CREATOR.

When we allow, WHEN WE ALLOW this then all will be as it should be and the greater Good shall cast her illumination upon us all.

So I say, let us all turn inward and not outward to quickly and let the MOST HIGH that rest in us all be our Guide.

Then the darkened skies, the heavy hearts, the tempers that have risen so high will be calmed. Then the faithful sun will light our heavens again giving clarity to all that is needed, the air will be refreshed our walk will have been reassured and it will truly be a NEW DAY …

Birds will fly high ,sun will be up in the sky clouds drifting on by ,it will then be a new dawn and a new day and a new life for you …and you will be feeling GOOD …(N. Simone)

Trusting in GOD

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