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As I had drifted off into a most beautiful sleep the glorious vision screen opened … then what happened next…. ?

The dark quiet night had began to give way to a glorious new day and out of the tunnel all I could see were thick monstrous smoke clouds churning like no tomorrow and I could hear the train coming … I was waiting anticipating the bells to ring, a whistle to blow and anxiously waited for the song to began to play, but not today. Then I heard another tune one that was oh so familiar … “It’s a new dawn it’s a new day and I am feeling good”.... began to permeate the air the powerful and melodious sounds of Nina Simone, as the train pushed thru the clouds of smoke mixed in with the back ground vocals “let’s get it on … it’s time to get down… let’s get it on… it’s time to get down.” Then as the train began to chug on I heard the beautiful words from Lady T “Call it Déjà vu call it Déjà vu … Happy as can be there never was a problem There never was a care & Love was ever flowing and its feeling shared I’ve been here before” … and the train was now even closer than before. Gerald Levert belted out “It’s been a hell of a week … Dj don’t play no slow jam” Then I could see inside the passenger car windows now and man there was a celebration going on onboard. Folks were dancing, clapping, finger snapping and the lovely sounds of “People all over the world … People all over the world”rang clear and loud.

Now I could see Etta James, Vesta chit chatting just then Nick belted out that “we are Solid solid as a rock” on the Soul Train … Then Gil Scott-Heron grab the mic and let everybody know “that the revolution would not be televised the revolution would not be televised” … so sit back for today is a brighter day and we are well on our way. Then Loleatta Holloway began to break out with her “Love Sensation” and everyone joined in and then Nate Dogg took the mic and let everyone know that he got love for his homies that be rolling with him … “People all over the world … People all over the world”. You and I will always be together was what Rick James told the passengers as the train moved on I saw Marvin Sease smiling ear to ear all I could think of was he was known as the Candy Lickerand all the girls was just grinning, marveling and the Soul Train kept on rolling, bumping and dipping down the track .

Full speed ahead … the Soullllll Train kept on like it did every Saturday morning and there were so many familiar faces so many that I could only name a few Teddy waved and mouthed the words “It Don’t Hurt Now”, Luther Vandross was dancing with his father, then there was talk of this bad mother … um talking about Shaft … Isaac Hayes was chilling, oh then I glanced Ms Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt and a host of others on this train. I heard my dear friend Michael say “Gone to Soon” in a soft voice and in the next breath he said “Remember the Time and Keep the Faith.”

Then the train dug in and began to push on and I heard that the legend himself Don Cornelius as he stood proudly on board and yelled out always in parting we wish you


then the music continued soul train soul train ….

“People all over the world … People all over the world” “let’s get it on … it’s time to get down… let’s get it on… it’s time to get down."

c/o Written by Master Rob

Feb. 2, 2012@ 9:00pm

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