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A New Life (Tribute to my beloved brother Warren Robinson)

A New Life

(Warren Robinson love you always)

It has taking me it seems like forever to put these words together for each time I started I had to stop and restart a day or so later ... so here we go.

Here I stand Oh Lord, Our Lord

How excellent is thy name in all the earth!

Who hath set his glory high above the heavens!

My heart is full and some times aches, my eyes are filled with tears and my mind with endless loops of days gone by and even reaching out to days to come ….

but Oh Lord my God I trust in you and know you are my strength in all things.

A few words to my ascended brother you are loved and today we celebrate your awesome time and life in body and now in TOTAL SPIRIT With GOD

…. Warren … Big Tank.

In all my Godship I stand here working with every fiber of me to share these words with you …

What gives me the strength to go on is I can see in my every thought you Warren standing looking at me and even sometimes I see you slip that smile in and even when you don’t I know it is well with you and me cause I feel you and know you my beloved brother.

I decided to have a Netflix night and just as I got to the screen who’s name did I see Warren’s favorite movie picks … Then I paused thinking, thanks for putting me on your account then I thought of all our text messages and conversations and I shook my head not wanting to deal with you ascending on High … But

Lord we Praise you through the good the bad and right now we need your peace that passes all understanding to be our greater portion.

Thanks for the time shared and the new days ahead as Warren has now ascended on high and will be with us always for life is Eternal …

There will be days ahead that only knowing God in all God’s greatness that will get me and others thru … so I worship you Lord ... And it is Because of who you are I give you GLORY!!!!

c/o Written by Master Rob


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