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“I AM MASTER ROB” is a positive reflection of many creative gifts expressed through many artistic channels: Poetry, Creative natural hair designs, modeling, compositions of musical lyrics and arrangements, and dance to name a few.

Experiencing “MASTER ROB” face to face, you will first be captivated by his unique sense of style.

His appearance is designed to suit either the occasion or feeling of the day, using cutting edge clothing styles complimented by light accessories and amplified with eye-catching hairstyles.

Constantly transforming himself for the stage of life, “MASTER ROB” expresses his creativity in every aspect of his life. From his perspective, “Creativity allows us to bring forth that which we are”. Within the many gifts possessed by “MASTER ROB” you will find many treasures. Just follow the light…

ROB places “I AM” before his name to represent the center of consciousness that cannot be divided. “Whether I AM a model, hair stylist, writer, or poet, the fact still remains that I AM.”


The “I AM” allows MASTER ROB to be the creator of his own self-concept. Looking deeper, the I AM ROB self concept, in it’s truest form, allows MASTER ROB to freely let the God that lives within serve as the Creative force which brings the Hair Stylist, Writer, and other creative elements of I AM MASTER ROB into reality.

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