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"WE" ..... our beloved ancestors


A heart beat,

A flash of light.

Emotions running high ...

Eyes closed in prayer some in a welcoming infi-nite slumber

A bird chirps as she gracefully flies above

Time has seemingly passed on by…. giving no cares of what was or what is

Music dissipates into the abyss like the snow meeting with rays of sun

Clinging to hope, to memories, to beliefs … my heart tarries eagerly waiting to hear to see my beloved flowing freely again …

The ancestors have gathered they are in celebration of all that is and ever was …

We in body hold on tight to that which we know and cherish so dear our beloved loved ONEs

Needing wanting them to stay forever and ever yet, time sees something our eyes

care not to behold.

That which seems to be THE END!

Could you stay just a bit longer beloved? Please - But if you must go ….


Today the winds just don’t blow the same

The food just don’t taste the same

Looking for them to appear in the room listening for that one and only sound, that smile, their style yet, a soft whisper of memories stirs about

Change has come as she always does.

We cry,

We laugh,

We grow,

We move onward,

We take a deep breath …

Often struggle comes to hang out but change is imminent …

Days come and go like storms and sunsets all one in the same

It’s a new day seems like only yesterday when I heard them say…. “I love you

Forever with me, shalt thou be in love, in Spirit as one

I feel you, I breathe you NOW and for ETERNITY.

Written by I Am Master Rob

3.22-23-2018 c/o am hours

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