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I AM NATURAL hair care & styling is the quintessential solution to your natural hair aspirations.

“I AM MASTER ROB” known as a Loctician or Natural hair stylist – one that works with hair in its natural form, No lye, “MASTER ROB” believes that hair is an extension of ourselves. He knows that his hands have been blessed with restoring, revitalizing, enhancing and beautifying ones hair.

“Our hair is just another extension of our strength as a divine being. There is no such thing as bad hair- all that comes from the Creator represents good. Awakening the natural essence of ones hair is a gift from the Creator that “MASTER ROB” has proudly perfected.

Constantly developing new styles and styling techniques for his clients throughout the years has created a reputation for “MASTER ROB” that began in New York City and now expands all over the globe.

If you are aspiring to:

 - Transition to wearing your natural hair

 - Grow healthier and longer hair 

 - Start locking your natural hair

 - Keep your locks conditioned and groomed

 - Have your natural hair styled 

 - Keep a Barber fresh cut


"I AM MASTER ROB" is your best consultant.

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