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It is So Amazing

Today I give thanks, for LOVE has been good to me

To be one with Love is so Amazing

As I look back on this lifetime and all I have been through, come through, again I say

It’s so Amazing to be loved

Through the laugher, through the pain, through the rain and all those tears I shed in what seemed to be the end, was yet just a moment in time…

To be one with love is so Amazing

Every day I continue to awaken to my Greater self

That part of me that is eternal, that has been forever, and is forever, that guides me that keeps me until this very moment right here and right now,

I say again it’s so Amazing to be loved

This is the place unlike never before a place in time, a space in time where all things are possible to me all because … I believe and I know.

It’s so Amazing to be loved

Knowing God, Knowing Source, knowing the Great I Am is in me through me ... is me!

I can say, I can shout, I can dance with assurance knowing truly …

It’s So Amazing to be loved

Expanding forever I shall, onward, forward …


(Thanks Luther Vandross, Source and all the ancestors for this inspiration)

(Dedicated to my beloved brother Warren Robinson)

Written 8.12.2018 c/o

By Master Rob

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