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The Golden River

There are a few wonderful Secrets in life, here are just a few for you.

Have you bathed in the Golden River?

Dive in daily by giving thanks for this day which God hath made... Never let negative thoughts invade your atmosphere of peace. Drown them with the laughter of life for even this very moment here will soon pass away. Swim in Joy for she will cleanse you from the stains of stress and otherness.. Inner Peace exist in this golden river of bliss dive on in and see ... take a chance and trust me. The only Being that can laugh is you and me cleansing us of arrogance and pride don't want anything breaking our stride. I must mention laughter is a sure way to release the tension. ... enjoy the Golden River. Let Divine Law and Order reign supreme within, its just waiting for you to jump in, for surely it will mend you back together again, keeping you safe in this Divine Space. The Golden River is here for you and me, dive on in and see how it feels to be free again. According to your faith be it done unto you ...

the Golden River awaits you. c/o Written by ....I Am Master Rob 11.23 2019 10 am

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