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Healing Water

I sit still feeling a commotion of emotions streaming endlessly through my mind.

Rain falling steadily, outside listening to background music that soothes the very mind, body and soul yet stirs me to writing.

Time has continually crept on waiting for no one and at the same time she has been waiting to be acknowledged.

The people cry out in fear they cry out in anger others cry out in disbelief while others have no words and here we are at the dawning of this new day.

What happened to IN GOD WE TRUST have we forgotten to gather in prayer, have we forgotten family and what happened with the music that gave us hope and direction?

The heavens now clap back for far to long hearts have been turned away from The Most High….

The shaking, the waking is now upon the grand eagle of US of A what shall befall us?

Racism greed and undisciplined actions runs a mock in the masses of mankind …

Divine Law calls out and now demands attention and penance

May mankind find their way in this hour that he will choose a better way uprooting the old destructive ways and tapping into the love force we all posses.

Written by Master Rob

c/o Nov. 2016

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