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VooDoo-Ray (Clap Clap-Step Step)

I must have written these lines a 1000 times in my head before it would be read …

I must have written these words in my head a 1000 times just like that day you said …

Come on "Rob" let me show you again … in my head it went like this …

VooDoo Ray (clap clap Step step)

VooDoo Ray (clap clap Step Step)

then that smile

Ahh, yeah see you got it just relax Rob you know you can dance just chill bro and let it flow …

1 more time VooDoo Ray (clap clap Step Step) see there …

Okay everybody let’s take it from the TOP.

Thanks for shinning your Ray that day that reassured me, that helped me know that is was okay even til this day I know it is gonna be Okay

VooDoo Ray (Clap Clap Step Step.)

Like I heard 100’s and 100’s of others say …

It was that infectious Smile and your jazzy, hip –hop, house dancing, hella cool and smooth … get the crowd amped style that made the day that made the night cause it was Just Right!!!

Thanks for shining yo Ray of light VooDoo thanks for sharing it with me and with all of us.

Shine on, Soar on today and forever more my brother you will be sorely missed here on this side in body but man yo shine, your smile is so bright in my mind, in my spirit you will live forever more ….

Let the beat drop VooDoo Ray … house is a feeling (Clap Clapp Step Step!!!)

c/o Written by Master Rob

S.I.P - #Voo-Doo Ray


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