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Greatness Will Ring Always

Greatness Will Ring Always

So Let's Go Get Stoned for a few...

As we take a trip down memory lane if you come with me Your All I Need To Get By...

Each of us packed with endless gifts and talents how many times have you stopped to Count Your Blessings...

Seems like to many times in life we choose to just Stay Free then we realize it is so important that we Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand ... cause Nobody Knows what is going on inside until we share ourselves... Words bring forth, we've all heard in the beginning was the word... thus as it is written the message has been in the music for ages.

Just when things seemed so Crazy and you found yourself out on the Street Corner the words written by the great Nick helped bring a change of heart and mind. Now the time came to Love It Away since we Found A Cure we can now cheer up, such a lovely part of life. Life is so sweet there are many mistakes but as we learn to forgive, learn to trust and not run away then we can build up a love that is SOLID solid as a rock. Knowing that brick by brick we have come from so far to a new place today now we know Ain't No Mountain High Enough to keep us from Destiny. Truly there Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing than to finally live your dreams.

Nick I thank you for your endless talent, dedication, your love, that you have given and I'll Be There For You too ... for we are all one in spirit ... keep shinning forever and ever my brother peace to you and your family near and far ….

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