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A Manifestation of Love

Today as I considered the beautiful moment at hand. I thought of words to say about the Great Dr.

Maya Angelou and I could begin to hear her speaking oh so powerful and clear to


So I share with you this moment in time for all that we

truly have is now …

Many people say we have lost another stone in the foundation

… I say consider that we are now stronger than before giving thanks for the

ascended Master Dr. Maya Angelou

Many are taken by grief and I say consider this day a time

of celebration of such delightful greatness

Words like … the world will never be the same … let us consider

how great the world is and will be because of the choice this phenomenal black woman Maya Angelou

made to come forth into this life experience to share with us all.

Thinking of time shared words spoken lives lived … what is


Love is what we come from, love keeps us, love is the sound

of water rushing over the rocks in the creek, love is all that which is good …

I don’t know that there are enough words to even explain what love really is

but for now my knowing of love is it feels good … like the sunshine on our skin

on a lovely summer day in May.

Maya once said Love is … “ALL”

I can hear the Great voice of Maya Angelou saying “God loves

me… loves me, me Maya Angelou … it’s amazing ... I can do anything and do it

well any good thing I can do it that’s why I Am who I am … yes … because God

loves me and I am amazed at it and grateful for it.”

So on Wednesday May 28th Maya merged completely

into oneness with Source Energy (GOD) to be aligned synchronized one with and

in Source wholly is love. I don’t think that humanity hath comprehended yet the

magnitude of total love, total alignment but know this … love always liberates.

As we are ever expanding growing learning forgiving … moving

through life’s journey whether in the body or out of the body these words shall

always ring true … “STILL I RISE!!! and Love liberates”

Dr. Maya Angelou

Written by

c/o I Am Master Rob

5.29.2014 @ 3:00am

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