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There will be Changes …

You for a long time have thought you got me right where you want me …

Today the time has come there will be changes …

From the beginning when you realized that all came forth from us you came

and lied to me, you deceived me over and over again, until I fell for the lie …

Today the time has come there will be some changes

To many lives have been taken, to many dreams shattered from your wicked ways

the lust, the greed in your hearts. How dare you think it was or could be okay to steal, to kill and to destroy us.

Today somehow some way there are gonna be changes.

You have taken our babies, our mothers and broken our fathers …. Today we gonna see some changes, changes … gonna be some changes.

How dare you think you have the right to still our gods, our gold, our diamonds and our land … no more no more you just don’t have the right.

Today the time has come there will some changes.

As I close my eyes I think of the babies crying from the poison you put in the water the mothers that lost there virginity, then fed your babies cleaned your homes and served your food, the men that died cause they stood up but know this TODAY your gonna see some changes.

My heart filled with a emotions to numerous to count or sort all out … The endless hated because of the god given melanin in our skin that you so desire yet envy and hate at the same time,

I say you just don’t have the right

No more hangings, no more using our babies as bait, no more stealing our family members in the middle of the night to be sold away, no more stomping on the heads of our babies, no more burning of our houses of worship, no more mob killings, no more ripping apart the bodies of our men, no more destroying our neighborhoods, no more poisoning our food … YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT!

When I look back and I see the pyramids the writing on the walls I am reminded of that which I am and and all that is within me …

I know you just don’t have the right.

You want hurt me tonight there gonna be some changes.

My strength now builds and I think of the ships, the chains the whips, the beatings the wicked struggle and all the labor my ancestors dealt with … take your hands off my people now…. I am learning more and more of my history that was suppressed from me but …

Today the time has come there will be some changes.

I hear my ancestors crying out some shouting out others holding up the bright light to show the way … my heart skips a beat as we are becoming more and more empowered yes there must be changes … the adrenaline builds second by second

The winds are stirring, the earth shakes, the season’s blends; the heavens cry out cause change is upon us

Screaming and shouting shall be again but know this time it will be because there gonna be some changes … take your hands off me.

Changes changes you just don’t have the right to hold on to me or mistreat me it is now far time that you learn to celebrate me.

Today the time has come there will be some CHANGES.

My brothers and sisters wake up wake up and come together this is our time to shine, be one … make that change within …

Written by I Am Master Rob / WLRIII

c/o Feb 6, 2016 @ 3pm

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