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TO MY LOVER GIRL LADY T .... My heart cries for you & I celebrate your LIFE ....

Written December 27, 2010 at 9:42am

My love my love I have heard you have departed from this ol world ... my heart weeps ...

My love I grabbed onto those Irons In The Fire just as you sang of and I found myself out on a many limb but again I held on from the music you made my heart feel. The Fire and Desire you mixed up put a smile on my face many days and nights your distinct sound and love soothed me instantly .... I hear you now my love.

Clearly every Little Bit Hurts now as I am adjusting to this moment in time ... I Have always been a Sucker for your Love.

The day I held up that bouquet of roses and you took them from me held my hand and sang to me I felt like Now That I Have You ... I was feeling things I never felt before!!! I thank you for your love xoxo

I know right now this is not a Deja Vu but a moment that I will have to embrace as I did with my dear MJJ and I write this letter to you Dear Lover. You will always be my Portuguese Love.

For now my love I will go Behind the Groove and spend time giving thanks for our time here together and I send good love and energy as you soar high onto your next place of eternal LIFE ... for I know you want be coming back this way again you told me in the following:

And I Can Feel This For Sure………..

If Hate Is On Your Mind And U Can't Give Love in Kind

If Anger Is Your Friend

Don't U Know When U Die You Will Come Back Again

In The Master's Plan, You Will Come Back Woman Or Man.

If Your Life Is Full Of Sin,

Don't U Know When U Die U Will Come Back Again!

I Thank God! I Thank God! I Thank God!

I Am Not Coming Back No More!!

I've Been Here Before.

I Thank God! I Thank God! I Thank God! (I Don't Want To Come Back No More!)

I love you Teena xoxoxoxoxo Tell all the others Rick Gerald Michael and the other great Host of Ancestors I say hello and send love ....

I Am Master Rob


My star child thanks for the music that has guided me through many paths in this life ... shine on 4eva

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