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Sitting quietly I was listening to my inward conversations ... they were many in number yet I give thanks that they are almost all positive or if not they are quickly turned in the upward positive direction before they get to far out of hand.

Anita Baker singing softly in the back ground wanting to know what good love feels like ... then I said to myself I got it now I can write.

I am so so so so glad to know that I am in tune with the I AM in me, my God Self, in knowing this truth I have an infinite supply of Good love ... if only everyone knew this one truth that the only healing possible must come from within. The rousing of the recuperative, restorative forces lies within us and this healing power heals all hurts and wounds, and is renewing every cell in the body and is the same power that created us and keeps us alive every moment of our existence. Give Thanks!

The only thing is are you willing to dig deep enough inside to strike this well of living water?????

Or will you just give up and be parched, dry and unproductive ....

Life is a choice we make and thus if we choose to dip deep enough into the Great Within our thirst will be forever quenched and all our needs forever met.

I know what Good Love feels like .....

comments are welcomed & thanks for sharing this page with a friend

I Am Master Rob

inspired by my life experiences


12:00am 9/1/10

#GoodLove #Givingthanks #feelings #IAm #powerwithin

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